Welcome to Phoenix Transportation

With terminals in Georgetown and Richmond, Kentucky; and a new operation in Columbus, Ohio, Phoenix Transportation Services has earned a reputation for on-time delivery and outstanding customer service.

Phoenix credits its ultimate success to the quality of its employees, who take pride in everything they do. Experience matters, but what matters more are good interpersonal skills, a great attitude, and a commitment to teamwork. Technology also contributes greatly to the success of Phoenix. By means of an elaborate satellite tracking system and sophisticated reporting mechanisms, the company is able to maintain critical data, such as truck routings, rates of speed, and frequency of stops.

As the company embarks upon a new era, expectations are high with respect to continued growth and improved visibility in the marketplace. In the words of CEO Warren, "We've got a great bunch of folks who understand the importance of doing it right. And, we are committed to doing whatever it takes to be a World Class transportation service. My goal -- indeed, our goal is to nurture an organization that is now and will always be a source of tremendous pride to employees, community and customers alike."

Who We Are

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